The Big Push

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Do a Big Poo

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The Story behind the Song

Whilst George was receiving his first round of chemo; music therapist, Sam Dunthorne, paid him a visit.

He offered to sing George a song, and after an impromptu request to ‘sing George’s poo out’ (the chemo made him painstakingly constipated) Sam created this little gem on the spot!’
If in doubt, sing it out

The Original Song

What is the Giant Pledge?

On the 3rd of January 2017 George Woodall (aged 4) was diagnosed with a very rare children’s cancer, PNET Sarcoma Tumour. Even before his diagnosis his parents, Vicki & Woody, set up ‘George and the Giant Pledge’ having been so moved by the horrific impact they saw cancer have on kids.

The goal of the Giant Pledge is to help eradicate cancer in kids, and this truly is possible; Children’s Leukemia now at a 95% survival rate and advances in research improved kids chances in other strains by a whopping 20%.

ALL funds from the Giant Pledge will go specifically to research and support for kids with cancer via the Royal Marsden, world-renowned, specialist kids cancer hospital.

‘Dump’ what your doing, ‘log’ your support, and let’s ‘let loose’ on kids cancers together!

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