Our progress towards raising our 2m target

1 day ago

After a cold and wet start today, I dropped the boys at school and with Vicki already at work, I too headed up into London for an appointment with my shoulder surgeon. It's a month today since I had ... See more

2 days ago

Today George had the last of his pre school boosters / catch up jabs since his cancer treatment wiped all of the ones he'd previously had out. We may be 2 years on but now we're finally caught up on ... See more

3 days ago

I don't know about you but anyone else buzzing off of one too many pancakes this evening?! The classic lemon and sugar combo x4 for me means I've got the mother of a sugar rush while writing the post ... See more

4 days ago

Despite some seriously slow train shenanigans, when I finally made it back into the office this morning after my week off for half term, my team at Google had got me a birthday card and one of them ... See more

5 days ago

This last day of the Feb half term holidays saw us spend quality time with some of our very best friends. This morning Alex and Woody headed off to rugby practice while George and I started on some ... See more

5 days ago

After a much needed quiet and restful morning with a breakfast of kings ...aka some birthday macarons I'd been given (the classic post holiday not enough bread or milk in for everybody) later this ... See more

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