Our progress towards raising our 2m target

1 day ago

Today we had a brilliant afternoon celebrating my dad's 70th birthday at The Red Barn in Lingfield! To be honest he doesn't look a day over 69 😜 ...joking aside if I look that good when I get to ... See more

2 days ago

Today George had another little friend's roller disco birthday party. After his first attempt and struggle at a similar party last week, and having already had football this morning, we almost didn't ... See more

3 days ago

Normally people celebrate anniversaries for big occasions and significant personal or family milestones...today Woody and I raised a glass to the fact that on this day in 2017 we recorded our charity ... See more

4 days ago

Today I stepped back into the gym for the first time in what feels like forever! I well and truly hung up my training shoes straight after my one off, 12 week intense burst of London Marathon ... See more

5 days ago

This morning Woody showed us all the x-ray of his dislocated shoulder before taking it off to his Doctor's appointment. On the left you can see it very much out of its socket, with the picture on the ... See more

6 days ago

Tonight we've been out to celebrate Woody's birthday. He managed to somehow get himself and his two bags home despite only having one hand / arm free to do this. The boys were itching to run at him ... See more

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