George and the Giant Pledge

On January 3rd 2017 our son George was diagnosed with cancer. A PNET soft tissue Ewing's Sarcoma.
This is his story and our Giant Pledge to help beat childhood cancer so no other child has to suffer in this way.

We decided to set up ‘George and the Giant Pledge’ because no child should ever have to have their childhood taken from them in this terrible way.

VickiGeorge's Mum
Alex and George

On 3 January 2017 Vicki and James Woodall (Woody) received the news that’s every parent’s worst nightmare. They were told by doctors at The Royal Marsden Hospital that a lump they’d found on their then four-year-old son’s back was in fact cancer, a rare PNET soft tissue Ewing’s Sarcoma.

From being a perfectly healthy and happy little boy George and the Woodall family’s lives changed overnight. Over the course of 2017 he endured 14 rounds of chemo, had part of his spine removed during 10 hours of complex surgery and received proton therapy in the USA thanks to the NHS.

Vicki and Woody are trying to make the best of their bad situation and, despite navigating George’s difficult cancer journey, supporting his older brother and trying to maintain some semblance of family life, they pledged to raise £1,000,000 to help beat childhood cancer.

“Seeing all those young children with no hair and tubes coming out of them on our first visit to The Royal Marsden was truly heartbreaking. Yet the thing that struck us the most was how many of those kids had a smile on their face. It was then that we decided to set up ‘George and the Giant Pledge’, because no child should ever have to have their childhood taken from them in this terrible way.”

Help team George and the Giant Pledge raise vital funds for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

None of the money raised is directly for George, your donations will go 100% to the children’s team at The Royal Marsden Hospital to help fund much needed research into children’s cancer as well as help The Royal Marsden team continue the outstanding work they’re doing for children and families affected by cancer.

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George and the Giant Pledge
George and the Giant Pledge
Today we'd booked ourselves a table of six Hartsfield Manor for some absolutely brilliant Halloween treats! Thanks to the team they've helped solve the 2020 challenge of no trick or treating which is off the cards due to all things Covid... and they're even kindly supporting the Giant Pledge to Help Beat Childhood Cancer in the process 🥰

With adult and children's spookily themed afternoon tea menus, with both 1pm and 4pm sittings over the next two weeks, they also have an outdoor hunt for the kids to help run some of the sugar off so we certainly needed no more convincing! ...the question was what to wear, cue us raiding our fancy dress boxes! (Of course we went for it even if fancy dress was optional!)

On our table we were joined by 2 of our good friends and instantly had costume envy (don't they both look brilliant) but as it happens other tables were also booked by some of George's year group of parents making it even more fun to see what people were wearing albeit on separate tables and all socially distanced!

If you're stuck for something to do this October half term there's still a number of places left and we'd highly recommend it! Simply share this post or tag people in the comments to share the love if you think they might be interested! For more details click here, or give Hartsfield Manor a call on 01737 845300 (and if you're wondering where to find them, they're in a whopping 16 acres of gardens in Betchworth in Surrey just in case you also wanted to walk some of that sugar off!)

Between us we've got this.


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